Threaded Products

APEX Fasteners provides a complete range of threaded products including thread-cutting screws, SEMS screws, thumbscrews, tamper resistant and security fasteners and more. Low order minimums and deep discounts for bulk orders make APEX Fasteners the supplier of choice for everything from commonplace screws to custom manufactured fastener assemblies.


A bolt is an externally threaded fastener designed for insertion through holes in assembled parts, and is normally intended to be tightened or released by torquing a nut. A screw is an externally threaded fastener capable of being inserted into holes in assembled parts, of mating with a preformed internal thread or forming its own thread, and of being tightened or released by torquing the head. An externally threaded fastener which is prevented from being turned during assembly and which can be tightened or released only by torquing a nut is a bolt. (Example: round head bolts, track bolts, plow bolts.) An externally threaded fastener that has thread form which prohibits assembly with a nut having a straight thread of multiple pitch length is a screw. (Example: wood screws, tapping screws.) ASME B18.2.1


Apex Fasteners carries screws for any application. We provide screws in a range of sizes, threads, drive types and special features. Specific details for each screw category can help you identify the perfect solution for your fastener needs.


Sockets and socket products are general terms used to describe fasteners that have an internal recess drive. The most common type of internal drive recess is the hex socket (commonly called an Allen Screw). A second style of internal recess drive is the Torx® socket (also called a six-lobe socket). Torx® and Torx Plus® sockets provides a higher resistance to rounding out than a hex socket. This permits higher torques to be applied to the fastener than can be achieved with a hex key. The advantage of socket drive products over other drives is the higher torque that can be applied to the fastener. ASME B18.3

Threaded Rod

Threaded Rods, also known as All Thread Rods and Studs are available in a wide range of sizes, materials and finishes. Threaded rod in bar stock form is often called all-thread. Threaded rod can be found fully threaded, equally threaded on both ends, unequally threaded or threaded only on one end. The ends of threaded rods are normally flat, though they can be sharp, chamfered, oval or otherwise shaped to meet the needs of your applicaiton. Studs that are not completely threaded fall into two categories. Full-bodied studs have a shank equal to the major diameter of the thread. Undercut studs have a shank equal to the pitch diameter of the screw thread and are designed to better distribute axial stresses. Threaded rod is available in a range of materials including various classes of steel and stainless steel. IFI-136.
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