Thread Locking Screws

Thread-locking fasteners lower the cost of assembly through the elimination of parts and process steps, as well as through direct and indirect costs. These screws provide exceptional resistance to vibrational loosening through the creation of physical interference in the root of the nut member. This interference eliminates the need for expensive physical and chemical locking solutions. Eliminating the use of chemical adhesives or patches, simplifying processes and procurement, and also reducing environmental impact.

Enhanced locking ability • Continuous locking action • Resistant to high temperatures • Reusable • No special taps • Enhanced locking ability


The REMINC POWERLOK® TRILOBULAR™ self-locking screws are a unique concept in locking screws. Made from high strength steel, hardened and tempered to an optimum strength-toughness serviceability, the POWERLOK® screw achieves enhanced locking ability through the combination of a novel 60°-30° thread form and a TRILOBULAR™ thread body section.


POWERLOK® II™ fasteners are the most advanced all metal locking screw on the market. Featuring a TRILOBULAR® cross-section and a patented Dual-Angle™ thread form, the screw is optimized to provide maximum resistance to vibration and mechanical loosening under a range of temperatures and environmental conditions where chemical adhesives and patches would fail.
  • Improved, innovative Dual-Angle™ thread profile provides consistent, positive locking action.
  • Dual-Angle™ thread tip deflection also provides a spring-like stored energy locking.
  • Mechanically interferes in the root of the nut thread and is unaffected by any incomplete internal thread-forming.


KLEERLOK® thread clearing lock screw feature. The KLEERLOK® feature is designed to be used in conjunction with TRILOBULAR™ fasteners in pre-tapped holes which may be contaminated with weld splatter, paint, primer or other foreign matter. The KLEERLOK® feature can be combined on a POWERLOK® screw for paint clearing and locking torque or on a reduced diameter TAPTITE® screw as a version for joints where classical torque-tension fastening rather than a locking screw is desired.
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