Spring Washers

Spring washers are disks of metal that are formed in an irregular shape so that when the washer is loaded it deflects, acts like a spring, and provides a preload between two surfaces.  Spring washer types include adjustable spacers, Belleville washers, bowed or curved washers, conical washers, finger washers, and wave washers. Spring washers are typically used in applications where assemblies need a part to take up play, eliminate rattle, maintain assembly tension, compensate for expansion or contraction in materials after assembly, or to absorb intermittent shock loads and provide a controlled reaction under dynamic loads.

Belleville Washers

Belleville Washers

A Belleville Washer, also known as a Conical Spring Washer, Disc Spring Washer, Belleville Spring Washer or Cupped Spring Washer, is a type of spring that is shaped like a washer. It's shape gives the washer a spring characteristic. The benefits of Belleville washers include a long service lie, no setting or fatigue under normal loads and stresses, low creep tendency, high load capacity, efficient use of space and high spring forces with low spring height. Belleville washers can be stacked to modify the spring constant or the amount of deflection to better meet a variety of application needs. Belleville washers are available in spring steel, stainless steel and 410 stainless steel.
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Wave Washers

Wave Washers

Wave washers, characterized by their undulating form, are specifically designed to provide a compensating spring force and sustain a load or absorb shock.

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