Clips and Clamps

Stamped Clips and Clamps provide stronger, more durable means to secure and organize hoses and wiring as well as provide strong anti-vibration retention. While plastic components provide excellent alternatives, many applications require greater strength and stability. Stamped Clamps can be used in high pressure applications and are often much harder to dislodge or remove than their plastic equivalents. Spring Steel Clips can be formed in nearly any shape to meet your application's need, though many standardized forms are available for use off the shelf.

Retaining Rings

A Retaining Ring, also known as a Snap Ring or a Circlip, is a spring ring, usually split at one point so that it can be sprung open, passed over a shaft or spindle and allowed to close into a closely fitting annular recess or groove to form a collar on the shaft. A similar design can be closed to pass into a bore and allowed to spring out into a similar recess or groove to form a shoulder in the bore. Retaining rings are used to locate other items onto a shaft, locate the shaft to a fixed item or to prevent movement of items along the shaft. Retaining rings are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to meet particular assembly requirements.

Washers and Shims

Washers serve to minimize embedding, aid in torquing and to distribute loads over alarger area of lower strength material. ASME B18.22.1. Washers can be unhardened as per ASTM F844 or hardened as per ASTM F436.
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