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10mm Round Spacer

A Metric Round Spacer is a fastener that is used to create space between two objects, often to properly position them. In the world of electronic components and electronic hardware, metric spacers are typically used to space circuit boards, panels, doors or gears. A metric spacer can be round or hexagonal in shape and can have swage characteristics. Metric spacers have no interior threading and come in a variety of materials including:

Take a look at our Standoffs for threaded spacing fasteners.

Metric Spacer

Basic Part Number Clearance Hole Length

EH5008-35-03.0 3.50mm - 3.80mm 3mm
EH5008-35-04.0 3.50mm - 3.80mm 4mm
EH5008-35-05.0 3.50mm - 3.80mm 5mm
EH5008-35-06.0 3.50mm - 3.80mm 6mm
EH5008-35-08.0 3.50mm - 3.80mm 8mm
EH5008-35-10.0 3.50mm - 3.80mm 10mm
EH5008-35-11.0 3.50mm - 3.80mm 11mm
EH5008-35-12.0 3.50mm - 3.80mm 12mm
EH5008-35-13.0 3.50mm - 3.80mm 13mm
EH5008-35-14.0 3.50mm - 3.80mm 14mm
EH5008-35-16.0 3.50mm - 3.80mm 16mm
EH5008-35-19.0 3.50mm - 3.80mm 19mm
EH5008-35-20.0 3.50mm - 3.80mm 20mm
EH5008-35-22.0 3.50mm - 3.80mm 22mm
EH5008-35-25.0 3.50mm - 3.80mm 25mm
EH5008-35-27.0 3.50mm - 3.80mm 27mm
EH5008-35-29.0 3.50mm - 3.80mm 29mm
EH5008-35-30.0 3.50mm - 3.80mm 30mm
EH5008-35-32.0 3.50mm - 3.80mm 32mm
EH5008-35-33.0 3.50mm - 3.80mm 33mm
EH5008-35-35.0 3.50mm - 3.80mm 35mm
EH5008-35-37.0 3.50mm - 3.80mm 37mm
EH5008-35-38.0 3.50mm - 3.80mm 38mm
EH5008-35-40.0 3.50mm - 3.80mm 40mm
EH5008-35-41.0 3.50mm - 3.80mm 41mm
EH5008-35-44.0 3.50mm - 3.80mm 44mm
EH5008-35-45.0 3.50mm - 3.80mm 45mm
EH5008-35-48.0 3.50mm - 3.80mm 48mm
EH5008-35-51.0 3.50mm - 3.80mm 51mm

Basic Part Number Clearance Hole Length

EH5008-40-03.0 4.00mm - 4.30mm 3mm
EH5008-40-04.0 4.00mm - 4.30mm 4mm
EH5008-40-05.0 4.00mm - 4.30mm 5mm
EH5008-40-06.0 4.00mm - 4.30mm 6mm
EH5008-40-08.0 4.00mm - 4.30mm 8mm
EH5008-40-10.0 4.00mm - 4.30mm 10mm
EH5008-40-11.0 4.00mm - 4.30mm 11mm
EH5008-40-12.0 4.00mm - 4.30mm 12mm
EH5008-40-13.0 4.00mm - 4.30mm 13mm
EH5008-40-14.0 4.00mm - 4.30mm 14mm
EH5008-40-16.0 4.00mm - 4.30mm 16mm
EH5008-40-19.0 4.00mm - 4.30mm 19mm
EH5008-40-20.0 4.00mm - 4.30mm 20mm
EH5008-40-22.0 4.00mm - 4.30mm 22mm
EH5008-40-25.0 4.00mm - 4.30mm 25mm
EH5008-40-27.0 4.00mm - 4.30mm 27mm
EH5008-40-29.0 4.00mm - 4.30mm 29mm
EH5008-40-30.0 4.00mm - 4.30mm 30mm
EH5008-40-32.0 4.00mm - 4.30mm 32mm
EH5008-40-33.0 4.00mm - 4.30mm 33mm
EH5008-40-35.0 4.00mm - 4.30mm 35mm
EH5008-40-37.0 4.00mm - 4.30mm 37mm
EH5008-40-38.0 4.00mm - 4.30mm 38mm
EH5008-40-40.0 4.00mm - 4.30mm 40mm
EH5008-40-41.0 4.00mm - 4.30mm 41mm
EH5008-40-44.0 4.00mm - 4.30mm 44mm
EH5008-40-45.0 4.00mm - 4.30mm 45mm
EH5008-40-48.0 4.00mm - 4.30mm 48mm
EH5008-40-51.0 4.00mm - 4.30mm 51mm

Basic Part Number Clearance Hole Length

EH5008-50-03.0 5.10mm - 5.40mm 3mm
EH5008-50-04.0 5.10mm - 5.40mm 4mm
EH5008-50-05.0 5.10mm - 5.40mm 5mm
EH5008-50-06.0 5.10mm - 5.40mm 6mm
EH5008-50-08.0 5.10mm - 5.40mm 8mm
EH5008-50-10.0 5.10mm - 5.40mm 10mm
EH5008-50-11.0 5.10mm - 5.40mm 11mm
EH5008-50-12.0 5.10mm - 5.40mm 12mm
EH5008-50-13.0 5.10mm - 5.40mm 13mm
EH5008-50-14.0 5.10mm - 5.40mm 14mm
EH5008-50-16.0 5.10mm - 5.40mm 16mm
EH5008-50-19.0 5.10mm - 5.40mm 19mm
EH5008-50-20.0 5.10mm - 5.40mm 20mm
EH5008-50-22.0 5.10mm - 5.40mm 22mm
EH5008-50-25.0 5.10mm - 5.40mm 25mm
EH5008-50-27.0 5.10mm - 5.40mm 27mm
EH5008-50-29.0 5.10mm - 5.40mm 29mm
EH5008-50-30.0 5.10mm - 5.40mm 30mm
EH5008-50-32.0 5.10mm - 5.40mm 32mm
EH5008-50-33.0 5.10mm - 5.40mm 33mm
EH5008-50-35.0 5.10mm - 5.40mm 35mm
EH5008-50-37.0 5.10mm - 5.40mm 37mm
EH5008-50-38.0 5.10mm - 5.40mm 38mm
EH5008-50-40.0 5.10mm - 5.40mm 40mm
EH5008-50-41.0 5.10mm - 5.40mm 41mm
EH5008-50-44.0 5.10mm - 5.40mm 44mm
EH5008-50-45.0 5.10mm - 5.40mm 45mm
EH5008-50-48.0 5.10mm - 5.40mm 48mm
EH5008-50-51.0 5.10mm - 5.40mm 51mm

Metric Round Spacers
Part Number Example:
(Basic Part Number-Material Code-Finish Code)
10mm Round Spacer, 4.00-4.30 Clearance, 40mm Length, Aluminum (RoHS), Anodized Black

Code Description
AA Aluminum (RoHS)
BR Brass (RoHS)
SS Stainless Steel (RoHS)
Steel (RoHS)

Code Description
00 Plain - No Finish
01 Passivate MIL-F-14072-E300
02 Caustic Etch
03 Brass, Bright Dip
12 Anodize, Clear - Type II Sulphuric Hot Water Seal - MIL-A-8625C
14 Anodize, Black - MIL-A-8625C
21 Iridite, Clear -MIL-C-5541
22 Iridite, Gold #14 - MIL-C-5541
25 Chem Film, Clear (In lieu of Iridite Clear)
31 Cadmium, Clear Chromate - QQ-P-416, CL 2
32 Cadmium, Color Chromate - QQ-P-416, CL 2
33 Zinc, Black
34 Zinc, Clear Chromate - QQ-Z-325, Type II, CL 3
35 Zinc QQ-Z-325, Type I, CL 3
36 Zinc, Yellow Chromate - QQ-Z-325, Type II, CL 3
37 Zinc,Yellow Trivalent
38 Zinc, Black Trivalent
42 Electro Tin MIL-T-10727, Type I (Dull)
43 Electro Tin MIL-T-10727 C, Type I (Bright)
44 Electro Tin (Solder) MIL-F-14072 M230/M222
48 Copper / Nickel / Bright Tin
50 Black Oxide MIL-C-13924 Steel
51 Black Oxide MIL-F-495 Brass
52 Black Oxide MIL-C-13924 Stainless Steel
61 Nickel QQ-N-290 CL 1, Type VI KC
63 Nickel, Ductile
66 Nickle, Electroless
91 Silver QQ-S-365
111 Anodize, Dark Grey - Type 2

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