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APEX offers full-service design, engineering and manufacturing to your specifications. Our custom fasteners have enjoyed great success supplying all types and sizes of businesses in most sectors of industry.
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Xmas Tree Clip Fastener Metric

x-mas-tree.jpg Flexible ribs deflect when pushed into hole then spring back for a secure lock that resists removal. Universal use in a wide variety of materials such as metal, wood, foam, rubber and plastic, in both solid and compressed forms. For use in a wide range of panel thicknesses.

Fin Types
X-Type-Fins.jpg X Type Fins

Head Types
Xmas-round.gif Round

All Measurements are in milimeters.

Product Number Hole
(+/- 0.78)
Head Head
(+/- 0.38)

(+/- 0.38)

Material Color
PMXTM003003NB 3.000 X 4.850 Round 8.390 1.570 Nylon Black
PMXTM004006NB 4.000 X 8.330 Round 11.180 1.980 Nylon Black
PMXTM005006NB 5.000 X 8.530 Round 13.970 1.980 Nylon Black
PMXTM005010NB 5.000 X 12.290 Round 13.970 1.980 Nylon Black
PMXTM005026NB 5.000 X 28.350 Round 13.970 1.980 Nylon Black
PMXTM006006NB 6.000 X 9.270 Round 16.780 1.980 Nylon Black
PMXTM006010NB 6.000 X 13.210 Round 16.780 1.980 Nylon Black
PMXTM006018NB 6.000 X 21.310 Round 16.780 1.980 Nylon Black
PMXTM006026NB 6.000 X 29.390 Round 16.780 1.980 Nylon Black
PMXTM006032NB 6.000 X 35.430 Round 16.780 1.980 Nylon Black
PMXTM006050NB 6.000 X 53.700 Round 16.780 1.980 Nylon Black

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