Spring Pins

Spring Pins are today's most universal, time saving and economical fasteners. Universal because they replace a wide variety of different fasteners. Timesaving because they can be installed in a single operation. Economical because they are made in one piece and are easily removable. Spring pins are manufactured to a precise diameter which is normally larger than the hole into which they are placed. During installation, the spring pin is compressed along its length to create the tension which holds it tightly in the hole. The thickness of a spring pin is indicative of its shear strength. Typically, spring pins come in two basic varieties, Slotted Spring Pins and Coiled Spring Pins.

Coiled Spring Pins

Spiral shaped when viewed end-on, Coiled Spring Pins have several windings or layers of material, much like a rolled newspaper. The layering provides coiled spring pins their strength. The thickness of metal involved is typically thinner than that used in slotted spring pins. The tension or load placed on a coiled spring pin is spread out over all the layers of the pin. They are formed from spring steel.

Slotted Spring Pins (Roll Pins)

C-shaped when viewed end-on, Slotted Spring Pins or Roll Pins resemble a hollow cylinder with a gap or slot along its length to permit compression during insertion. They rely on a single curve of metal for their strength. The slot of the pin can be smooth or toothed in a variety of patterns. Slotted spring pins normally have chamfers on either end for ease of insertion.
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