Other Fasteners

The "Kitchen Sink" says it all and that's the amazing thing about the fastener industry there's just billions of variations and components. Apex Fasteners prides itself on providing the broadest line of products to our customers. Special products, hard to find items, and new products often are found under the "Kitchen Sink". Give us a call and we'll help you find it today.

Balls and Bearings

The bearing industry is somewhat specialized. We offer ball bearings in many different sizes, materials, and grades depending on your needs. In addition, we also offer other kinds of bearings by special order as each application is unique.


They are made of 100% polyurethane and have a very aggressive adhesive. These products do not contain plasticizers, oils or fillers, and they will not mar, scratch, or stain any surface. They are kiss-cut and can simply be peeled off by hand, enabling the bumper to be placed where protection is needed. Our Bumpers are sometimes commonly known as Rubber Feet, Bumpers, Spacers, Door Buffers, Door Stops, Bumpons, Bumper Feet, Buffers, Cabinet Feet and Protectors.

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Furniture Fasteners

Furniture fasteners is a "catch all" category of products that includes everything from T-Nuts to Joint Connectors and fasteners for Tubing. Specialty screws, inserts, nails, staples and also glides fit under this category.


Another "catch all" category of fasteners is the spring category. Torsion springs, tension springs, compression springs, are designated by the type of force that is applied to them. We also carry belleville and wave springs.

Weld Products

Including weld nuts, weld studs, nut plates, they are available in carbon steel and stainless steel. We also provide arc-weld fasteners to specific industries.
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