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Apex Fasteners has a broad variety of inserts available for your applications in both imperial and metric sizes. Inserts can be installed during the molding process or post molding. Whether your application is to be hand assembled or robotically installed we can provide the ideal solution to your application.

Molded In Insert Studs

Certain applications require that anchor points be "male" rather than "female". Insert studs are available to provide such a solution. Insert studs can be molded-in or applied post-molding, ultrasonically.

Molded-In Inserts

Blind or thru, molded-in inserts are established in their setting during the molding process. Molded-in inserts may have locking features. Blind molded-in inserts are employed when an insert is needed in a setting that is deeper than the insert's length in order to prevent material from seeping into the insert. Thru molded-in inserts are typically used in applications where the insert provides an attachment point in material no thicker than the length of the insert. Typically thru inserts provide an anchor point that is usable from either direction or which permits a fastener to extend through its length and beyond.

Post Molded Inserts

Similar to ultrasonic inserts, these inserts are applied into a pilot hole after the molding process is complete. Unlike ultrasonic inserts, these inserts can be applied with pressure, whether that comes from a hammer, a finger or other equipment. Post-molded inserts come in a variety of styles depending on the material into which it will be inserted. Some have flanges or heads. Most fall into two rough categories; 1) those that are split along their length and provide stability through expansion and 2) those that are ribbed externally.

Rotational Mold Inserts

Rotational mold inserts are dumbbell-shaped inserts used in rotational molding to provide anchor points for other hardware such as handles and hinges. Rotomold Inserts come in a variety of shapes including multi-collared, one-headed, square and hex. Threading covers a broad range of imperial and metric sizes as well as Pipe and SAE threads.

Thread Repair Inserts

Thread repair inserts provide a means to strengthen or repair tapped holes with worn or stripped threads. Repair inserts are available with or without locking features. Typical brands of these fasteners include Keenserts®, Heli-Coil® and ArmaCoil®.

Tube Connectors

Tube connectors, also known as spider clips, are inserted into square or round tubing to create an internal threaded attachment point that is centered in the tubing. Spring steel flanges stabilize and center the spider clip which has at its center a threaded core into which a connecting fastener can be secured. Spider clips come in both lightweight and heavyweight versions.

Ultrasonic Inserts

Inserted using ultrasonic equipment, ultrasonic inserts are applied post-molding into an appropriately sized straight or angled pilot hole. Ultrasonic inserts can have locking features, a flange or head and a variety of knurling.

Wood Inserts

Large, broad threads help wood inserts establish an excellent grip in wood applications. Wood inserts come in a variety of drive patterns from slotted to hexagonal to accommodate your preferred installation method.
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