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APEX offers full-service design, engineering and manufacturing to your specifications. Our custom fasteners have enjoyed great success supplying all types and sizes of businesses in most sectors of industry.
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Construction Fasteners

Generally classified as those fasteners used to secure building materials.

Drywall Screws

Drywall screws are normally used to attach gypsum board to metal studs, multi-layered drywall to metal studs and even can be used for particle board attachments and some wood deck applications. Drywall screws are available in fine (metal studs) or coarse (wood studs) thread as well as hi-lo thread. All have bugle heads for flush mounting and normally are available with either phillips or square drives.

Outdoor Screws

Exterior wood screws for outdoor applications including decks, treated wood, patios and fencing. Deck screws have a coarse thread and usually a phillips, square or star drive. Bugle heads are common as are flat heads with nibs. A Type 17 drilling point is available to provide reduced splitting of wood and no need for predrilling. Decking screws come in steel, stainless steel and can have a variety of finishes from zinc to W.A.R. to Dacrotized® depending on the corrosion resistance required.

Self-Drilling Screws

Self-drilling screws or Tek screws, contain a drill point used to create a hole in the materials which the screw is meant to tap. The screw then drives into the hole and creates its own mating thread. Self drilling screws are available with or without washers and with some variances in thread spacing for use in a variety of materials.

Woodworking Screws

Woodworking screws have a tapered shaft that comes to a point. They are normally partially threaded and most commonly found with a slotted flat head.
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APEX Fasteners supplies standard and custom screws, nut retainers, shoulder screws, plastites and taptites, all types of rivets, spring steel fasteners and special stampings, sems screws in standard, fractional or metric to electronics, aviation and other OEM industries worldwide. custom manufactures screw machine components for electronic enclosure hardware as well as cold forming and cold headed specials for assembly and production requirements.
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